Well hello!

Thanks for stopping by. If you're about to purchase a home, we are pumped for you! We can offer you lower rates on your mortgage than any of our competitors. 

Are you paying way too much in interest and thinking about refinancing your current mortgage? We can help with that too.

As mortgage brokers, we are different than a bank.  We look at as many lenders as it takes to get you the lowest rates and lowest fees on your mortgage.  Call us or email us today! 


A little about us. 

Two Rivers Mortgage Company, Inc. is located in beautiful and historic downtown Ottawa, Illinois (600 Columbus St).

We are here for you during normal business hours, but we understand you are working too and those hours aren't always convenient. If you need to meet us earlier or later, just let us know and we'll be more than happy to accommodate. We'll even make you a cup of coffee. 

If you're not from around the Illinois Valley  area, we are more than happy to work with you through phone and email anywhere in the State of Illinois. 

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