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Contractor: Advanced Management Services

Sometimes when you're purchasing a home, the appraiser will mark your home as needing repairs. In order to get your mortgage, these repairs will need to be completed. That's where Advanced Management Services comes in. They can quickly and efficiently repair whatever is needed to get you on your way to home ownership.

Call them at (815) 223-2672 or visit their website at today. 

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Insurance: Josh Stiegler- Northern Insurance 

Josh is just like us- a broker- just on the insurance side. One of the things you'll need when purchasing your home is homeowners insurance.  I cannot tell you how many times I have received a homeowners insurance quote and the premium was extremely high. Josh can shop a variety of companies to get you the absolute best deal and the coverage that matches your needs.                               

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Attorney: Miskell Law Center

Let's be honest, when you're purchasing a home the amount of paperwork can be pretty overwhelming at times. If you'd like an attorney to negotiate your contract and be there to answer any of your questions at the closing, we would recommend the Miskell Law Center. They can explain your contract and final documents in a way that's clear to you and gives you peace of mind.

Call their team at (815) 431-9300 or visit their website at today.