How it Feels When You Apply For Your First Mortgage

Let's be honest, applying for your first mortgage can be a really scary thing. You go from renting or living with family to thinking about buying your first home and all of the sudden a lot of questions hit your brain all at once. 

Where do I start?

Who do I talk to first?

How much can I afford?

What is the total monthly payment going to be?

What will the down payment be?

How do I get a mortgage?

What if my credit score isn't where it needs to be?

How do I find a house?

How long does it take to get a house?

What documents will I need?

What does a pre-approval mean?

How do I find a realtor?

Who pays for the realtor?

Do I need an attorney?

Where do I get insurance for the house?

Trust me, I completely get it.  I hear those questions every single day and you have to know that those were the same questions that were swirling through my head when I bought my first home.  It can be really stressful if you don't have the right person to guide you through it.  

At Two Rivers Mortgage Company we are committed to being specialists in the area of first time home buyers.  

The process here is simply setup an initial meeting. You can book one on the website and select a time that works for you. Then you'll get an email reminder the day before and a text reminder the hour before your appointment. 

When you're here we'll ask you some questions to see where you're at right now. We'll find out if you're prepared to purchase a home or if we need to make you a plan to get you ready. We'll describe the process to you and ask you if you have any questions.  You may come up with a couple, but honestly, you'll probably come up with them more after you leave our office.

You'll think to yourself, "Ok, I know I asked that question, but what did they say about that again?" That's completely and 100% fine. Ask us questions twice. Ask us three times or four. We honestly don't mind. We are here for you and to make this process as comfortable as possible. If you like to see things on paper, we created a guide for you that will walk you through the whole process. If you'd rather text or email or call with a question, that's fine as well.  

This business is for you. We are here to make your first time home buying process as easy as possible. You know why we do that? Because we know if we treat you right the first time, you'll come back to us for your second and your third and your fourth home. We want this to be a long-term relationship and we want to treat you right from the start.  

If you're ready to talk, we are as well. Book an appointment on the website or give us a call at (815) 324-9760.  We're excited that you've come to the point that you're ready to purchase your first home and we're looking forward to speaking with you soon.