The Start of a New Business

When you start a new business and embark upon an entrepreneurial adventure you must have a reason that drives you to do so.  Something in the market must drive you to say, I don't think it should be like that, instead it should be like this.  The thought that you and your customers deserve a better product or a better experience or an easier time of conducting business is what ultimately pushes someone over the edge and tells them that they need to do something about this.  

I reached that point in my life.  My name is Aaron Cantrall and I am one of the owners here at Two Rivers Mortgage Company Inc.  Until recently, I spent most of my time as a loan officer at a local financial institution.  Day in and day out, I saw my customers stuck in mortgages with high rates and unfavorable terms.  You know what? It upset me.  I was tired of seeing hard working members of my community with monthly payments that were higher than they should have been and feeling unnecessarily stressed by their mortgage.  

I constantly brought these loans, that were not working, to my upper management and asked if we could refinance them and give them a better deal.  Their answer surprised me. Time and time again I was told that our financial institution did not want too many mortgages and that we were only truly interested in helping people with car loans because we could make more money off of those loans. I don't say this to make my former employer look bad because they are a business as well and need to make a profit to pay for their employees and overhead expenses. It simply left me feeling frustrated that I couldn't help my customers more.  

So, like any other entrepreneur before me, I decided to do something about it.  I put together a team and created Two Rivers Mortgage Company Inc. so that I can help the members of my community more fully.  I want to help first-time home buyers who don't understand the process of purchasing a home yet or what's involved in a mortgage. I want to help the couple that is busy working and raising a family that haven't had a chance to look into refinancing their home recently. I want to help that family that's ready to purchase their next house because they outgrew their last one. I want to help that person that is tired of renting, but knows their credit is not where it needs to be.  I want to help the real estate investor that's trying to purchase more houses to provide great places to live for our community. 

We're located in beautiful downtown Ottawa, IL right where the Fox River and the Illinois River meet. You know what though? I don't care where you are in the state of Illinois, I am ready to help you. Peru, I am ready to help you. LaSalle, I am ready to help you. Morris, I am ready to help you. Springfield, I am ready to help you. Carbondale, I am ready to help you.  Anywhere you're at in the state of Illinois, if you have a phone and internet access, we're good to go.  

As I embark upon this journey and put my heart and soul into helping my community with their dream of home ownership, I ask only that you communicate honestly with me. Tell me what you need. If you need later hours because you are working all day long, let me know and I will accommodate.  If you need a course on buying a house for the first-time because all of this mortgage lingo sounds like Greek to you, let me know and I'll put it together.  This business is for you. We're not a bank. We are a business that hunts down the best deal for you and walks you through the entire process from start to finish. In other words, we're on your team. We are your advocates and will make sure that your biggest expense in your budget (your mortgage) is as low as it can be. 

Are you ready? I am. Let's team up and build the business that our community has been missing.  


Have some thoughts, suggestions, or want more information? Email me at I look forward to our conversation.