Let's face it. We lead busy lives.  Between working our jobs, making food, doing laundry, taking the kids around to their various activities, and staying connected to our loved ones, we don't have a lot of free time. 

When you add to your already busy schedule purchasing a home, it gets even more chaotic.  At Two Rivers Mortgage Company, we get that.

Time and time again, we have customers coming in simply exhausted because the bank or credit union they were working with took three weeks to tell them that they could or could not do the mortgage. Three weeks is a lot of time when you're trying to purchase a house to not know if you need to explore other options. 

So here's how it works at our business. Keep in mind, we're a business not a bank. From the time we take your application, we give ourselves 24 hours to tell you yes or no.  

If we tell you yes, then we'll tell you exactly what documents you need to bring us.

If we tell you no, we're going to tell you exactly the steps to take to improve your credit score and get yourself into a position to purchase a home. We're not going to sugarcoat it for you, we're going to give you exacts and specifics and time-frames. So if we ever tell you no, it's really just a not yet. We'll help you get there. 

We want to give you the service we would want ourselves. A straightforward answer in 24 hours.  It's just the right thing to do.