You Might Want to Refinance If...

Let's face it, there are many reasons you might want to consider refinancing your conventional, FHA, VA, or USDA mortgage. Instead of writing out a big long article for you, let me just give you a list of reasons you might consider refinancing your mortgage.

  1. Removal or Lower Mortgage Insurance 
  2. Lower Interest Rate
  3. Lower Term (Flex Terms are Available) 
  4. Extend Term
  5. Lower Monthly Payment
  6. Cash Out for Home Improvements
  7. Cash Out for Debt Consolidation
  8. Cash Out for College Education
  9. Cash Out for Traveling the World
  10. Cash Out for Buying a New Car
  11. Cash Out for Investing in a New Business
  12. Cash Out for Medical Expenses
  13. Cash Out for Unexpected Expenses
  14. Cash Out for Investment Property
  15. Cash Out for Because You Can

You can probably come up with even more reasons. Basically, if you have a mortgage you can refinance it and it doesn't have to be with your original lender.  

If you own your house free and clear, you can also do a first mortgage refinance.  

If any other questions pop up in your mind, give us a call at the office at (815) 324-9760 and we'd be happy to talk different scenarios.