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We are different that banks and credit unions, we outright say that and are proud of it.  You may not know what a mortgage brokerage is though and why the structure of our business works to your advantage.  

A mortgage brokerage very simply put is your personal shopper for mortgages.  We are connected to wholesale lenders all across the country that have every single mortgage program available. 

If the program exists, we have it.  So if you like having options, you're researching the right business.

What's more is that these lenders do not have extra rules like your bank or credit union may have. Your bank may want a high credit score. Your bank may want to have other loans with you. Your bank may want to see a checking account or savings account. None of these things are things that our lenders care about. They simply want to see if you can afford the house and meet the qualifications of the program. If you can, great. If you can't, we'll help you find a better program to meet your needs. 

If you like lower interest rates, you've also come to the right place. Because these wholesale lenders do not have all of the overhead that your bank and credit union does, they can actually charge you lower interest rates.  Whether your credit has taken a couple of beatings or you have kept your credit score perfect, it's in your financial interest to use us because we are a mortgage brokerage.  

We have programs, we have low interest rates, and lastly we are really good at what we do. Just last week, we closed a FHA loan in 11 business days.  That was the application, the appraisal, and everything in between that takes to process the loan. The attorney, realtor, and borrower were all blown away. We'd love to do the same for you. 

In short, why use a mortgage brokerage and why use us? Because we have the programs, low interest rates, and exceptional customer service that will turn your dream of getting a home to call your own, a reality.

You deserve a better mortgage. For years you've only had two options: go to the bank or go the credit union. The banks and credit unions of our community are necessary. We need a place to keep our money, right? What you don't need though is to pay for all of their overhead costs. By getting a mortgage at a bank or a credit union, you are paying a higher interest rate to cover their higher overhead costs. 

Savvy borrowers know that the way to get the best deal on a mortgage is to use a mortgage company. It's time to arm yourself with a better mortgage. Get pre-approved today.  You deserve a better mortgage.